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Includes: Full / Queen / King Size grounded half sheet, manufactured with metalized fabric for excellent grounding and comfort. 
Dimensions 36" X 100 "    
One size fits all! Secured under your fitted sheet.
Ground Tester  / Conductivity Tester SoftGround Manual / Simple Instructions
Quantity Discounts (10 units) available for retailers

7.83 Half Sheet Energy System

Designed for signal acceleration during frequency applications.

Energy  effects from the softground half sheet are designed to emulate a walk on the beach. During these walks have you noticed how energized you feel afterwards?  Some researchers feel this is because there is an energy transference of the earth's natural oscillations known as Schumann's resonance (7.83 Hz), the same frequency your brain functions at during times of deep thought and meditation.

Hundreds of users have reported feeling energized and more focused after experiencing this system.

Nothing compares to the impact of this device which is exclusive to TrueRife!

Feel the energy every morning after a restful sleep from our grounded half sheet energy system.

Walk the beach while you sleep!

Order your Half Sheet Energy Sleep System today!

Follow the path to health and longevity

Walk the beach while you sleep!

No medical claims are made or implied for these grounding devices. They are not intended to diagnosis, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions!